Drsti means focal point. There are nine drstis in the practice of asana. If the drsti that one needs to follow in a pose is difficult for him, he can focus on the nasagre drsti.

Drsti improve concentration and allow unity to be realized during practice. With a focused look at one point during practice we can be more present as we perform the poses. This concentration and consciousness is transferred to our daily lives.

  • Urdhve drsti – On the void
  • Brumadhye drsti – Third eye
  • Nasagre drsti – Tip of the nose
  • Parsvayoh drsti – Right side
  • Parsvayoh drsti – Left side
  • Nabhou drsti – Navel
  • Hastagre drsti – Edge of the middle
  • Angusthagre drsti – Thumb tip
  • Padagre drsti – Tip of the big toe

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